In line with BIS-MAN Transit’s mission of providing high -quality, reliable, convenient and safe public transit services in an efficient manner, the following reports will be prepared as part of the TDP:

  • Existing Conditions: The report will examine community demographics, growth trends, future growth, key destinations in the Bismarck Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), and existing transit services. Additionally, the report provides a summary of Bis-Man Transit’s goals, objectives, and performance measures and SWOT analysis.
  • Community Engagement Plan: The plan is likely to incorporate several measures for identifying unmet transit needs and gaps including focus groups, TDP website, public information meetings, social media outreach, pop-up meetings, etc.
  • Alternate Service Plan Assessment/Recommendations: Potential service to new areas, new operating plan and new modes/services will be a part of this report.
  • Implementation Plan: The plan will include the performance monitoring program, routes and service plans and documentation about fleet and facilities.

Community Survey

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